Project Name: Capacity Building and Local Fundraising Strategy

This project was funded by the SID (Society for International Development) for a period of 9 Months (2014-2015) for KSH 1,300,000.

Key Achievements:

John Ewesit Ebenyo, the Facilitator presenting on the Understanding of Conflict, Authored by Joseph Areng Ekal, at Riamakori, Lokichar, Turkana South. During Conflict Prevention and Management Training.
Joseph Areng Ekal, the Program Officer for APaD, introducing the KESSUGET project to the Participants, Authored by David Emekwi at Loriu Springs Hotel, Lokori, Turkana East, during Conflict Prevention and Management Training, on 3 December, 2020
Joseph Areng Ekal, Program officer-APaD, introducing the project brief to participants at Riamakori hotel-Lokichar, Authored by David Emekwi on 7th December,2020 during conflict prevention and Management training.
Participants pose for a group photo during conflict prevention and Management training held at Loriu Springs Hotel-Lokori,Turkana East on 5th of December,2020. Authored by Joseph Areng.
Group Photo posed at Riamakori Hotel, Lokichar, Turkana South during Conflict Prevention and Management Training held on 8th December, 2020. Authored by Areng Joseph.