APaD Kenya

Humanitarian action and other emergencies

Emergencies like Drought are very common in the Arid & Semi – Arid areas like Turkana county and when they strike, both humans and animals are affected. They lead to scarcity of basic needs such as water and food, hence, the coping and adaptation strategies of pastoralists and their animals are threatened, hence they require humanitarian aid in such situations. 

APaD responds to such situations by offering long lasting solutions for the members of the Karamoja cluster by acts such as rehabilitation of available boreholes and construction of safe water points for the animals. We also train the community on planting of drought resistant crops that can stand the harsh climatic conditions and benefit them when drought strikes.

In the recent Locust invasion that affected the entire country, APaD with support from the County Government of Turkana has been working with the youths in the local community in Turkana county by supplying them with pesticides, Personal Protective Equipment to fight the locust and ensure that they are controlled.

Turkana Pastoralists Capacity Strengthening Project

This was also funded by the Lutheran World Relief (LRF) for a period of 5 Months (May-Sept 2017) for KSH 4,686,000.

Key Achievements:

  • Enhanced marketing skills of four (4) Livestock Marketing Associations in Loima on marketing skills, development of business plans and linkages with other opportunities.
  • A 40% reduction in the walking distances to watering point among the targeted beneficiaries in Lochor Angikalalio through motorization of a borehole, water distribution and construction of community water points to serve a settlement of 300 HH at Lochor Angikalalio
  • A 50% livestock crowd reduction in the water point upgrading/water pipeline extension and construction of livestock troughs for small and large stock at Lochor Angikalalio
  • Improved body conditions (increase weight, are strong and good physical appearance) through capacity on production and formulation of livestock feeds for Lochor Angikalio LMA and Turkwel Pastoral Field School

Desert Locust Management in Loima sub county

This project was funded by SAII for a period of 2 months (July-August) for KSH 760,000.

Key Achievements:

  • Procurement of 60 knapsack sprayers and protective gear for use in the control of locusts
  • Assessments on the areas most affected within the sub county
  • Recruitment of 60 youths within Loima and Lorengipi/Lokiriama Wards to undertake desert locust control
  • Community sensitization on surveillance and management of desert locusts
  • Awareness to communities through local FM radios in partnership with the Directorate of Agriculture