Project Name: Integration of the Donkey welfare project

The project goal is improved resilience, donkey welfare management and livelihood for the cross border pastoralists of Loima-Moroto corridor for welfare benefit of 30,000 donkeys. Capacity of LSPs, CAHWs and CDRs will be strengthened for treatment, better equine management and sustainability. The project seeks to enhance the capacity of 7,000 donkey owners to address donkey welfare and management hence improving their income (donkeys used to transport household items during migration, water, firewood, construction materials, livestock feed and produce to the markets). Among other welfare issues, in most cases sick donkeys are rarely treated among the Karamojong and Turkana. Awareness creation among the community, stakeholders and service providers will improve donkey health and welfare hence a leading to healthy happy donkeys who will provide quality services to their owners. The cross border project will improve conflict sensitive resource management for sustainable livelihoods for targeted communities across the Kenya-Uganda border including addressing the donkey theft, illegal slaughter and other welfare issues. The project will also strengthen communities in the disaster probe area to mitigate and respond to the drought. 

Limited awareness among the donkey owning communities and stakeholders on welfare

Increased incidences of illegal slaughter and theft of donkeys for their hides (Between November 2018 & February 2019-over 38 donkeys reported stolen)

Severe drought leading to migration and conflict over natural resources. APaD and stakeholders will focus on with the community, CSOs and other community based structures during project implementation.

Liaise with the stakeholders on ensure donkeys are included in treatment and vaccination plans