This project was funded by CHEMONICS /FEED THE FUTURE for a period of 12 Months (Oct 2022-Oct 2023)

Key achievements

  • Enhanced capacity of 107 Natural resource management committees in the Oropoi-Kaabong and Lokichoggio-Narus corridor through NRM and Climate change adaptation training
  • Enhanced capacity of cross border 42 Livestock Marketing Association members from Kaabong in Uganda, Oropoi in Kenya and South Sudan on Basic Financial Literacy, Group Dynamics and Governance
  • Increased informal trade, improved communication, strengthened relations and sharing pasture and water amicably as well as resilience built to shocks and stresses and reduced violent conflict and cattle rustling along the Oropoi –Kaabong corridor through RSA Review targeting 67 NRM committees, peace committees and kraal leaders
  • Strengthened the capacity of 25 cross-border Community Disease Reporters from Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan through Refresher training on Disease reporting and surveillance
  • Supported the dissemination/presentation of the CBCR project to 75 administrators in Narus, Kaabong and Lodwar. This culminated in buy-in of the implementation
  • Increased community-driven initiatives towards the sharing of resources and ownership of resource-sharing agreements.
  • The Loyoro resource-sharing agreement supported the communities in the long protracted and violent conflict- natural resource-sharing agreements served as critical entry points for communities in conflict to combat and mitigate Resilience to shocks and stresses and Peacebuilding and conflict reduction.
  • Strengthened women’s leadership; focusing on capacity, representation and the creation of an enabling environment in NRM and CCA
  • The direct impact of the engagements was a more robust engagement between the Communities of Uganda, South Sudan and Kenya-Building contacts and Relationships
  • Facilitated an intergovernmental meeting of Sixty-two (62) Administrators including chiefs, LCIII (the equivalent of chiefs from Uganda), and National and County government administrators at the sub-county level to develop actionable plans to address cross-border thefts and protracted conflicts
  • Supported an exchange visit for 20 NRM Committees on pasture management from the two corridors of Oropoi-Kaabong and Lokichoggio-Kapoeta to learn on best practices.

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