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Everyone has a right to clean, safe and adequate water to drink or for other domestic purposes. Turkana County, like most of the Counties in the Arid and Semi-Arid Areas of Kenya is a county endowed with extensive natural wealth and biodiversity. Yet, the County population still remains largely poor with limited access to and control of natural resources such as water. There has been a general decline in both the quantity and quality of water for productive and domestic use.

During drought, reduced water tables are common leading to low yielding boreholes and longer waiting times at the few water points available. Other changes include the drying of surface water sources, high siltation and long trekking distances. To reduce water scarcity, APaD & Lutheran World Relief facilitated the motorization of a borehole and the construction of community water points. This had led to a 40% reduction in the walking distances to watering point among the targeted beneficiaries in Turkana County.

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