Lodwar, Kenya

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A transformative initiative unfolded, embracing the welfare of both farmers and their invaluable donkey companions. This comprehensive session encompassed donkey welfare, optimal fodder farming techniques, efficient harvesting, bailing, storage practices, and the resolution of a critical water pipeline issue.

In an integrated approach, APaD officers shared insights on responsible donkey care, emphasizing their pivotal role in the community. Fodder farming techniques were explored, enabling farmers to cultivate nutrient-rich feed (cenchrus ciliaris) by using eco-friendly irrigation methods. Harvesting and bailing strategies were imparted, minimizing waste and ensuring top-tier livestock nourishment. The session further delved into innovative storage solutions to maintain fodder quality.

Concurrently, the endeavor to rectify the faulty water pipeline displayed a dedication to holistic growth. With the immense help of water technicians, the water pipeline was swiftly addressed, guaranteeing a seamless water supply to the farm. This revival fortified the foundation of sustainable farming practices.

As the day concluded, participants exuded a renewed enthusiasm. This initiative exemplifies the power of knowledge dissemination and unity in fostering thriving agricultural communities. By prioritizing both farmer education and the welfare of their essential donkey partners, a brighter, more abundant future is cultivated for all.

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