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The training program for Pelekech environmental group aimed to provide essential financial literacy knowledge and improve their access to fodder markets. This initiative recognized the challenges faced by this community, including limited financial resources and the need for sustainable livelihood opportunities.

The training covered crucial aspects of financial literacy, including budgeting, savings, and record-keeping. It also emphasized the importance of setting up savings groups and creating mechanisms for group and individual financial growth. Additionally, the program addressed the pressing issue of accessing ready market for their fodder after harvesting from the farm. Participants learnt how to identify reliable markets for their produce, negotiate fair prices with the buyers, and how to ensure the well-being of their livestock even during challenging times.

The positive outcomes of this training include improved financial management among group members, increased income from livestock farming, community empowerment as knowledge was shared, and enhanced resilience to climate-related challenges.

Ultimately, the Fodder Group’s journey towards self-sufficiency and environmental sustainability serves as a remarkable example of how education and empowerment can uplift marginalized communities, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to thrive in challenging circumstances.

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